Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Weekend Anime Post

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It's still technically the weekend for me for another two hours, so I'm squeezing this in before it's too late!  Just like the last couple of weeks, I've been keeping myself busy with a fair amount of shows.  I finished off watching Gosick, and am keeping up to date on Say I Love You and My Little Monster with my wife.  Also, I checked out a couple more episodes of Blast of Tempest.  So, I'm going to hop right into things.

For Say I Love You, I'm still annoyed at Yamato because he obviously doesn't have a clue how his behavior is upsetting Mei.  Aiko had a chat with him about it, and he apologized, but we'll see if he changes for the long term.  Aiko and Asami are doing their best to help Mei through everything, but she's obviously having a tough time right now.  It also looks like there's a new guy getting introduced into the mix named Kai who seems to be interested in Mei, or at least the little decoration for her mobile phone.  Hopefully he'll be competition for Yamato.

My Little Monster was pretty good as the show took place during a school festival and Shizuku started to figure out that she's a bit too serious and cold to the point where she's upsetting her friends.  She's also slowly starting to sort herself out with Haru, emphasis on the word "slowly".  I figure it'll be quite a few episodes more before they're officially a couple at this rate.  Also, I thought Natsume was cute when she was talking with Mii-chan about how Shizuku was so cold to her.  She's quite the sensitive girl.

As far as Gosick goes, I'm glad that I finally finished the series.  While the first half of it was a lot of relatively short stories with a Poirot-lite feel to them, the second half started to explain Victorique's origins more, as well as the plans her father had for her.  The show did take some liberties with history, plunging things into war during the 1920s, as opposed to when World War II actually started, but I was willing to let it slide.  Finding out what happened to Victorique's mother, as well as the true nature of Brian Roscoe was very interesting, and seeing Victorique and Kujo separated and eventually reunited was nice as well.  (The part where they reunite, anyway, obviously the other part was kind of sad)

Finally, I watched a couple more episodes of Blast of Tempest, which I'm starting to like quite a bit.  I've learned a little more about how Yoshino and Mahiro met, and Mahiro was a little brat as a kid, which would help explain his attitude now.  Also, we're meeting more of the enemies the two will face, as well as seeing just what kind of power Hakaze actually has.  (She destroyed a mountain!)  For all her attempts to stop Samon, though, it looks like the guy may have a trick up his sleeve for dealing with the girl, and making sure she doesn't interfere with his plans.

Anyway, that about wraps things up for this week's anime.  More in about seven days! ^_^

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